It was a pleasure to speak with Chris Scott, founder of Fit Recovery and Elevation Recovery, to discuss a variety of recovery tools. Check it out below!

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Like many people who try to quit drinking, I found that mainstream recovery programs simply weren’t for me.

In this episode, you can follow my journey through some of the best underrated resources for quitting drinking, rewiring your subconscious mind, and pursuing the never-ending path of optimization and enlightenment.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Finding alternatives to AA and mainstream rehab ideology

  • Tackling the biochemical pillar of addiction recovery

  • Tackling the psychological pillar of addiction recovery

  • Having an “a-hah” moment with amino acids

  • Intermittent Fasting (IF) as a strategy for dealing with cravings

  • Dealing with “secondary” dependences after quitting alcohol (sugar, etc.)

  • Restoring stability to one’s life in early recovery

  • Reprogramming the subconscious mind

  • The importance of having a confidant or “buddy” in early recovery

  • Turning life after alcohol into an exciting adventure

  • Promoting nuanced truth about addiction recovery in the face of stale dogma

Resources discussed in this episode:


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