Step 1: Understanding The Science of Addiction

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Neuroscientist and former addict Marc Lewis makes the case that addiction isn't a disease at all, although it has been recently branded as such. Click here to begin to alter your perception and begin to empower yourself. 

Step 2: Start Healing Your Body & Brain


This is step 2 in essence. The introduction to the bio, social, mental, spiritual model is the foundation of the 4 elements of total body recovery. It discusses in detail the importance of amino acids, supplementation, exercise, and empowerment. It also contains the first reference the L Glutamtine, the craving crusher.

If you'd like to dive deep into this subject, the Total Alcohol Recovery 2.0 program is the way to go. This was how I started, and it definitely made dealing with post acute withdrawal symptoms, more manageable

Step 3: Reprogram Your Brain

I strongly recommend audiobooks for these books. Reading is great, but I find you get more out of it by listening to the narrator. It is also much easier to get through the material much faster. You can listen while commuting, sitting in traffic, cleaning your house. 

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In my opinion, This Naked Mind is the most important recovery book of all time. Yes, more important than the big book of AA. The reason being is that it is the foundation to reprogramming your brain and its relationship towards alcohol. Annie Grace uses her brilliant background in marketing to literally transform the way you perceive and think of alcohol. If it works, you'll never want to drink again. You may be like me and have to go through it 6 times first before it clicks. But once it does, not only will you not "white knuckle it", but you'll have no desire to drink. Click here to find it on Audible. 

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Easyway is very similar to This Naked Mind in a lot of ways. They are both designed to reprogram your brain. The difference is in the delivery and narration. Easyway is a British bloke with a sense of humor. I LOVED Easyway, but I'd already listened to This Naked Mind about 6 times. Since I listened to Easyway, I have not had a drink. Click here to find it on Audible. 

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Alcohol Explained, in my opinion completes the foursome of the most important recovery books. I recommend listening to it last, but by no means do I think you should skip it. William Porter goes much deeper into the science behind alcohol and how it affects your body and brain, giving you a deeper understanding of what happens from a physiological perspective. Valuable information moving forward. Click here to find it on Audible. 

Step 4: Community 

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This is the one thing AA does well; Community. Good news is, you don't need to be powerless or tell yourself you have an incurable disease in order to be around other people struggling. I went to SMART Recovery meetings every week for my first year of sobriety. The community element was great, and the skills you develop by working through the material can help you on a day to day basis. I'd also recommend taking the facilitator course to get an even deeper understanding of the material. You can find a local meeting HERE, as well as attend online meetings. 

I'm available for 1 on 1 coaching for anyone looking for detailed guidance and assistance.